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The Robert Burns Birthplace Museum holds the world’s largest collection of artefacts relating to Scotland’s best known bard. Our collections include over 5,500 manuscripts, books, personal artefacts, & artworks relating to Robert Burns and his legacy. To explore our exciting objects, choose one of the options below:

  • Burns on the web

    There are many excellent online sources of information about Robert Burns. Some of the best learning resources and links can be found here.More

  • Spooky Stories

    Using a panorama of old Alloway, with its churchyard and bridge, you can make your own Tam O'Shanter ghost story and bring it to life on the screen.More

  • Burning issues

    Many of the burning issues of Burns' days are still just as relevant and contentious today. But what was Robert Burns' opinion on these issues - taxation, devolution, revolution, smuggling, emigration, monarchy?More

  • Photofit

    Most portraits were painted from memory, or after his death, but you can try our fascinating photofit game, using descriptions by people who knew him to build up your own pictures of Robert Burns.More

  • Video Clips

    Watch video clips from the museum.More