'Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect', The Edinburgh Edition, 1787

Robert Burns, Author; William Creech, publisher 
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In November 1786 Burns travelled to Edinburgh to arrange for the publication of a second edition of his poems. There he used his personal connections to meet with William Creech (1745 - 1815), a popular bookseller and printer, who agreed to publish the book by subscription.

During his time in Edinburgh, Burns earned the respect of many wealthy patrons including James Cunningham, the Earl of Glencairn (1749 - 91). Glencairn persuaded the members of the Caledonian Hunt to subscribe to the next edition of Burns’s poems. Burns dedicated the book to them in return for this support.

In total, Burns secured 1,500 subscribers to this edition of his poems and 3,000 copies of the edition were printed. The Edinburgh Edition was published in April 1787 and contained a few new poems alongside the work contained in the Kilmarnock Edition.

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