'Poems, chiefly in the Scottish dialect' inscribed to Captain Robert Riddell

Robert Burns, Author; William Creech, publisher 
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The second Edinburgh Edition was published in 1793 by William Creech. It contained many more poems than the previous edition, including Tam o’ Shanter. Burns received no money and only a few complimentary copies of this edition, having previously sold the copyright of his poems to William Creech for 100 guineas.

Robert inscribed this copy of his poems to Captain Robert Riddell (1755 - 94), his friend and neighbour while at Ellisland farm. Riddell, who lived at Friars' Carse, met Burns shortly after Robert's arrival there in 1788. The two men shared an interest in old ballads, books, and self-improvement.

Burns writes:

‘When you & I, my dear Sir, have passed that bourne whence that no traveller returns, should these volumes survive us, I wish the future Reader of this page to be informed that they were the pledge of a friendship, ardent & grateful on my part as it was kind & generous on yours. – ‘

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