MS: Fragments of a letter from Robert Burns to Jean Burns, dated 20 February 1789

Robert Burns, Author 
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This manuscript has been assembled from three components: the bottom two appear to be from one letter to Jean Armour and the top from another letter written by Robert Burns but at an earlier period.

Burns at the start indicates a return home in about eight days presumably from Edinburgh to Nithsdale. Robert writes to ‘his dearest friend’ Jean, telling her ‘I long much to see you’. They had been officially married for less than a year. In the latter part of the document he is describing his negotiations with Creech his publisher, saying he is ambivalent with the result.

It seems that the manuscript has been assembled because the content as read makes rough sense. However the widely differing writing style of the two parts makes it questionable as to why there were brought together this way.

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