MS: Letter from Robert Burns to Alexander Findlater, dated Dumfries, October 1789

Robert Burns, Author 
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Burns wrote this single page letter to Mr A Findlater, Supervisor of Excise in Dumfries, from Ellisland. Findlater later became the Excise supervisor under whom Burns worked and to whom he reported. The letter is thought to be dated in October 1789, not long after Burns started his Excise duties on 1 September.

The letter is a simple request by Burns confirming an earlier verbal agreement with Alexander Findlater, who has agreed to carry a letter from Burns to a friend in Glasgow and pick one up for return when he next journeyed to Glasgow. Burns closes the letter by wishing him a 'safe journey'.

Alexander Findlater joined the Excise in 1774, becoming an Examiner in 1790, and settled in Dumfries as Supervisor in 1791. His Excise career extended until retirement in 1825.

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