MS: Letter from Robert Burns to Mr David Sillars

Robert Burns, Author 
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This short, one page letter from Burns to David Sillar is thought to have been written around early summer 1791, at which time Burns would have been living at Ellisland Farm.

Burns is only 'five shillings rich' at the time that he receives David Sillar's request for assistance, having himself squandered £20 on a heedless transaction three days earlier. Burns commiserates with Sillar and clearly knows the 'flinty-hearted scoundrel' to whom Sillars is indebted.

David Sillar was a near neighbour of Burns in his early days, with both having a mutual interest in rhyming. He published a volume of his own poems in 1789. Sillar's grocery business in Irvine failed and this letter may have been related to this situation.

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