MS: 'On the late Captain Grose's Peregrinations thro' Scotland collecting the antiquities of that Kingdom'

Robert Burns, Author 
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In this poem, Robert writes of his friend Captain Francis Grose and warns his fellow Scots to take note of their behaviour as he will soon be writing about them. Captain Grose had written books on the antiquities of England and Wales and was about to turn his attention to Scotland. Burns met him at Friars' Carse, near Ellisland Farm, in 1789. They became friends and it was for Grose that Burns wrote of Alloway's old haunted Kirk in the tale of Tam o' Shanter.

This first page of the poem describes Capt. Grose noting his is physical and mental characteristics. It continues by describing Grose's interests and obsession with the supernatural. He tells how Grose has given up army life and is now a collector of antiquarian stories and items.

In the second page the poem continues to tell of Captain Grose's improbable collection of antiquities, making the reader aware of the author's detailed knowledge of the books of the Old Testament. The poem finishes with a flourish, bidding folks to sit down and enjoy a drink with his friend Grose when he comes to visit.

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