MS: A document relating to the Excise in Dumfries

Robert Burns, Author 
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Robert Burns became an Excise Officer in 1789 in the Dumfries District and progressed rapidly from the Nithsdale out-ride division to the third foot-walk division in Dumfries within a year. He later became an Acting Supervisor in 1794.

This is the narrative portion of an Excise Voucher prepared by Robert Burns to account for the excise duty collected at a brewery in his Dumfries District for a cash value of sixteen pounds, five shillings and eleven pence. The brewery ale here is brewed in three strengths described as strong ale, small beer and twopenny. The latter being a quality of ale which cost two pence a quart.

It is signed by Burns's supervisor Alexander Findlater and by Collector John Mitchell.

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