MS: An Excise Document 'Answers to Robert Edgars Petition'

Robert Burns, Author 
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Robert Burns became an Excise Officer in 1789 in the Dumfries District and progressed rapidly from the Nithsdale out-ride division to the third foot-walk division in Dumfries within a year. He later became an Acting Supervisor in 1794.

Burns had been accompanied by John Lewars, a fellow Excise Officer, when an inspection was conducted to measure the malt production output at the premises of Robert Edgar. He was charged with fraud and disputed the information presented by the Excise officers.

This document is an account by Robert Burns describing the facts surrounding a fraud charge being disputed by the accused Robert Edgar, who had been found falsifying malt production returns. A point by point explanation is given by Burns to challenge the assertions by Edgar that the accusations against him were false.

It also contains annotations by William Nichol Burns verifying that the document was written by his father.

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