MS: Letter from Robert Burns to Colonel William Fullerton, dated Ellisland, 3 October 1791

Robert Burns, Author 
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Colonel William Fullarton (1754 - 1808) was a military commander, member of Parliament, and author of titles such as Account of Agriculture in Ayrshire and View of English Interests in India. He was known to Burns as a local Ayrshire celebrity and he mentioned Fullarton in his poem The Vision.

In 1791, Fullarton and a friend visited Burns at Ellisland. Following the visit, Burns sent him this letter, enclosing some songs he has just written, noting
‘About the ‘gloomy month of November, when the people of England hang & drown themselves,’ any thing generally is better than one's own thought.’

Burns also spends much of the letter flattering his well-connected visitor, perhaps hoping to gain his favour and financial support.

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