MS: Letter from Robert Burns to James Clarke, dated Dumfries, 17 February 1792

Robert Burns, Author 
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James Clarke (1761 - 1825) was a teacher at Moffat Grammar School and a friend of Robert Burns. In 1791 Clarke was charged with cruelty to his pupils and was dismissed from his position. Burns came to his friend's aid, writing letters on his behalf and enlisting the help of high-profile friends such as Robert Riddell and Alexander Fergusson of Craigdarroch.

Just before this letter was written, Clarke had travelled to Edinburgh to appeal the charges and was cleared on all accounts. In this letter, Burns tells Clarke that he must meet with Robert Riddell in the near future as he has found a possible job for Clarke in Manchester as a Clerk. Burns also congratulates Clarke on his recent success in Edinburgh.

Clarke did not take up the position in Manchester, as he continued as a teacher in Moffat until 1794.

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