MS: Letter from Robert Burns to Alexander Fraser Tytler, dated 6 December 1792

Robert Burns, Author 
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Alexander Fraser Tytler was a lawyer and Professor of History at Edinburgh University as well as being a minor poet and essayist. He later was the Judge-Advocate of Scotland.

In 1792, Burns's publisher William Creech was preparing a second Edinburgh edition of Burns's Poems, for which Burns had provided an additional 50 pages of material. Burns had instructed Alexander Tytler in Edinburgh to handle the interface and proof reading with Creech.

Here, Burns sends his heart-felt thanks to Tytler for proofing his manuscripts for the second Edinburgh Edition and encloses his last parcel of work for his perusal.

The year '1795' has been entered erroneously in another hand. The letter is also docketed by Tytler.

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