MS: 'Elegy on the Year 1788'

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MS: 'Elegy on the Year 1788'

Sketch - Elegy on the year 1788

For lords or kings I dinna mourn,
E'en let them die - for that they're born:
But Oh! prodigious to reflect!
A nither year is gane to wreck !
A Towmont, Sirs, is gane to wreck!
O Eighty eight, in thy sma' space
What dire events hae taken place!
Of what Enjoyments thou has reft us!
In what a pickle thou has left us!
The Spanish Empire's lost tint a head,
And my auld teeth less Bawtie's dead!
The tulzie's sair tween Pit & Fox,
And tween out Maggie's twa wee cocks,
The tane is game, a bludie devil
But to the Hen-birds unco civil;
The tither's unco something dour o' treadin,
But better stuff ne'er claw'd a midden.

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