MS: 'Contented wi' little, & cantie wi' mair'

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MS: 'Contented wi' little, & cantie wi' mair'

Contented wi' little, & cantie wi' mair,
Whene'er I forgather wi' sorrow & care,
I gie them a skelp, as they're creepin alang,
Wi' a cog o' gude swats & an auld Scotish sang. -

I whyles claw the elbow o' troublesom throught;
But man is a soger, & life is a faught:
For wealth, I am mirry - how can I be poor?
And my Freedom's my birthright not kings shall injure
My merry good humour is coin in my pouch;
And my Freedom's my lairdship nae Monarch daur touch.-

Blind Chance, let her snapper & stoyte on her way,
Be't to me, be't frae me, e'en let the jad gae:
Come ease, or come travail: come cannker, or joy; pleasure or pain,
Approach, you are welcome - you lea'e me, good bye!
My warst word is, "Welcome, & welcome again!"

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