MS: Song to the tune, 'Caledonian Hunt's Delight'

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MS: Song to the tune, 'Caledonian Hunt's Delight'

Repeated, successive, for many long years,
They darken'd the air & they plunder'd the land:
Their pounces were murder, & terror their cry,
They'd conquer'd & ruin'd a world beside:
She took to her hills & her arrows let fly,
The daring invaders they fled or they di'd. ----

The fell Harpy-raven took wing, from the north,
The scourge of the seas, & the dread of the shore;
The wild Scandinavian boar issu'd forth
To wanton in carnage & wallow in gore:
O'er countries & kingdoms their fury prevail'd,
No arts could appease them, no arms could repel;
But brave Caledonia in vain they assail'd,
As Largs well can witness, & Loncartie tell. ----

The Cameleon-Savage disturb'd her repose,
With tumult, disquiet, rebellion & strife;
Provok'd beyond bearing at last she arose,
And robb'd him at once of his hopes & his life:

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