MS: 'Ken ye ought o' Captain Grose?'

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MS: 'Ken ye ought o' Captain Grose?'

Sending a letter to Captn. Grose, & being at a loss
for his direction, I inclose it to Mr. Cardonnel of the
customs in Edinr. who is acquainted with the Captain's
motions & is like himself a profound Antiquariaan.
On the inside of the cover I wrote to Cardonnel
extempore & anonymous the following lines, allu-
ding to an old song "Heard ye e'er of Sir John Malcom,
Igo & ago"

Ken ye ought o' Captain Grose?
Igo & ago,
If he's amang his friends or foes?
Iram coram dago. -
Is he South, or is he north?
Igo & ago
Or drowned in the river Forth?
Iram coram dago. -
Is he slain by Highland bodies?
Igo &c.
And eaten like ^a weather-haggis?
Iram &c.
Is he to Abram's bosom gane?
Igo & c.
Or haudin Sarah by the wame?
Iram & c.

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