MS: 'Tam o'Shanter - A Tale'

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MS: 'Tam o'Shanter - A Tale'


She prophesied that, late or soon,
Thou wad be found deep drown'd in Doon;
Or catch'd wi' warlocks in the mirk
By Aloway's auld haunted kirk. ----

Ah, gentle Dames! it gars me greet,
To think how mony counsels sweet,
How mony lengthen'd, sage advices,
The husband frae the wife despises!

But to our Tale: ae Market-night,
Tam had got planted unco right,
Fast by an ingle bleezing finely,
Wi' reamin swats that drank divinely;
And at his elbow, Souter Johnie,
His ancient, trusty, drouthy crony;
Tam lo'ed him like a very brither
They had been fou for weeks thegither. ----
The night drave on wi' sangs & clatter,
And ay the ale was growing better:

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