MS: 'Tam o'Shanter - A Tale'

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MS: 'Tam o'Shanter - A Tale'


And coost her duddies on the wark,
And linkit at it in her sark. ----

Now Tam! O Tam! had thae been queans
A' plump & strappin in their teens,
Their sarks, instead o' creeshie flainen,
Been snaw-white seventeen-hunder linen;
Their breeks o' mine, my only pair,
That ance were plush o' guid blue hair,
I wad hae gien them off my hurdies,
For ae blink o' the bonie burdies!

But wither'd beldams, auld & droll,
Rigwoodie hags wad spean a foal,
Loupin & flingin on a crummock,
I wonder did na turn thy stomach. ----

But Tam kend what was what fu' brawlie;
There was ae winsome wench & walie,

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