MS: 'Love and Liberty – A Cantata'

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MS: 'Love and Liberty – A Cantata'

And now tho' I must beg, with a wooden arm and leg,
And many a tatter'd rag hanging over my bum,
I'm as happy with my wallet, my bottle, and my Callet,
As when I us'd in scarlet to follow a drum.
What tho; with hoary locks, I must stand the winter's shocks
What tho', with hoary locks, I must stand the winter shocks,
Beneath the woods and rocks oftentimes for a home,
When the tother bag I sell, and the tother bottle tell,
I could meet a troop of Hell at the sound of a drum.

Recitativo --------

He ended; and the kebars sheuk,
Aboon the chorus roar;
While frighted rattons backward leuk,
An' seek the benmost bore:
A fairy Fiddler frae the neuk,
He skirl'd out, encore!
But up arose the martial chuck,
An' laid the loud uproar ----

Air, Tune, Sodger Laddie --------

I once was a Maid tho' I cannot tell when,
And still my delight is in proper, young men:
Some one of a troop of Dragoons was my dadie,
No wonder I'm fond of a Sodger laddie.
Sing lal de dal &c.

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