MS: 'Love and Liberty – A Cantata'

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MS: 'Love and Liberty – A Cantata'

The first of my Loves was a swaggering blade,
To rattle the thundering drum was his trade;
His leg was so tight and his cheek was so ruddy,
Transported I was with my Sodger laddie.

But the godly, old Chaplain left him in the lurch,
The sword I forsook for the sake of the church;
He ventur'd the Soul, and I risked the Body,
'Twas then I proved false to my Sodger laddie.

Full soon I grew sick of my sanctified Sot,
The Regiment at large for a husband I got;
From the gilded Spontoon to the Fife I was ready,
I asked no more but a Sodger laddie.

But the Peace it reduc'd me to beg in despair,
Till I met old boy in a Cunningham fair;
His rags regimental they flutter'd so gaudy,
My heart it rejoic'd at a Sodger laddie.

And now I have lived -- I know not how long,
And still I can join in a cup and a song:
But whilst with both hands I can hold the glass steady,
Here's to thee, my Hero, my Sodger laddie.
The Scene of the Merry Andrew Soldier ??

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