MS: 'Love and Liberty – A Cantata'

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MS: 'Love and Liberty – A Cantata'

Recitativo ----

Then niest outspak a raucle Carlin,
Wha ken't fu' weel to cleek the Sterlin';
For mony a pursie she had hooked,
An' had in mony a well been douked:
Her Love had been a Highland laddie,
But weary fa' the waefu' woodie!
Wi' sighs an' sobs she thus began
To wail her braw John Highlandman --------

Air. Tune, O, an' ye were dead Gudeman. --------

A highland lad my Love was born,
The lalland laws he held in scorn;
But he still was faithfu' to his clan,
My gallant, braw John Highlandman.
Chorus ----
Sing hey my braw John Highlandman!
Sing ho my braw John Highlandman!
There's not a lad in a' the lan'
Was match for my John Highlandman.

With his philibeg, an' tartan plaid,
An' guid Claymore down by his side,
The ladies' hearts he did trepan,
My gallant, braw John Highlandman.
Sing hey &c.

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