MS: 'Love and Liberty – A Cantata'

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MS: 'Love and Liberty – A Cantata'

An' at our leisure when ye like
We'll whistle owre the lave o't.
I am &c.

But bless me wi' your heav'n o' charms,
An' while I kittle hair on thairms
Hunger, Cauld, an' a' sic harms
May whistle owre the lave o't . I am &c.

Recitativo ----

Her charms had struck a sturdy Caird
As weel as poor gutscraper;
He taks the Fiddler by the beard,
An' draws a roosty rapier ----
He swoor by a' was swearing worth
To speet him like a Pliver,
Unless he would from this that time forth
Relinquish her for ever:
Wi' ghastly e'e poor Tweedledee
Upon his hunkers bended,
An' pray'd for grace wi' ruefu' face,
An' so the quarrel ended;
But tho' his little heart did grieve,
When round the Tinkler prest her,
He feign'd to snirtle in his sleeve
When thus the Caird address'd her ----

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