MS: 'Love and Liberty – A Cantata'

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MS: 'Love and Liberty – A Cantata'

Recitativo ----

The Caird prevail'd -- th'unblushing fair
In his embraces sunk;
Partly wi' Love o'ercome sae sair,
An' partly she was drunk:
Sir Violino with an air,
That show'd a man o' spunk,
Wish'd unison between the pair,
An' made the bottle clunk
To their health that night.

But hurchin Cupid shot a shaft,
That play'd a Dame a shavie ----
The Fiddler rak'd her, fore and aft,
Behint the Chicken cavie;
Her lord, a Wight of Homer's craft,
Tho' limpin wi' the Spavie, He hirpl'd up, an' lap like daft,
An' shor'd them Dainty Davie
O' boot that night.

He was a care-defying blade
As ever Bacchus listed!
Tho' Fortune sair upon him laid,
His heart,she ever miss'd it:
Homer is allowed to be the eldest Ballad singer on

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