MS: 'Love and Liberty – A Cantata'

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MS: 'Love and Liberty – A Cantata'

In raptures sweet this hour we meet,
Wi' mutual love an' a' that;
But for how lang the flie may stang,
Let Inclination law that.
For a' that &c.

Their tricks an' craft hae put me daft,
They've ta'en me in, an' a' that,
But clear your decks, an' here's the Sex!
I like the jads for a' that.
For a' that an' a' that
An' twice as muckle's a' that,
My dearest bluid, to do them guid,
They're welcome till't for a' that.

Recitativo ----

So sung the Bard -- and Nansie's waws
Shook with a thunder of applause
Re-echo'd from each mouth!
They toom'd their pocks, they pawn'd their duds;
They scarcely left to coor their fuds,
To quench their lowan drouth:
Then owre again the jovial thrang
The Poet did request
To lowse his pack an' wale a sang,
A ballad o' the best:

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