MS: 'Love and Liberty – A Cantata'

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MS: 'Love and Liberty – A Cantata'

He, rising, rejoicing,
Between his twa Deborahs,
Looks round him an' found them
Impatient for the Chorus ----

Air. ----Tune, Jolly Mortals fill your glasses ----

See the smoking bowl before us,
Mark our jovial ,ragged ring!
Round and round take up the Chorus,
And in raptures let us sing --

Chorus ----

A fig for those by law protected!
Liberty's a glorious feast!
Courts for Cowards were erected,
Churches built to please the Priest.
What is title, what is treasure,
What is reputation's care?
If we lead a life of pleasure,
'Tis no matter how or where.
A fig &c.
With the ready trick and fable
Round we wander all the day;
And at night, in barn or stable,
Hug our doxies on the hay.
A fig for &c.

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