MS: 'The Fête Champetre'

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MS: 'The Fête Champetre'

The Fête Champetre - Tune, Gillicrankie

O wha will to Saint Stephen's house,
To do our errands there, man;
O wha will to Saint Stephen's house,
O' th' merry lads of Ayr, man:
Or will we send a Man-o-law
Or will we send a sodger?
Or him wha led o'er Scotland a'
The meikle ursa major?

Come, will ye court a noble Lord
Or buy a score a' Lairds, man?
For worth and Honor pawn their word
Their vote shall be Glencaird's, man?
Ane gies them coin, ane gies them wine,
And Jamie Anither gies them clatter
Anbank wha guess'd the ladies' taste,
He gies a Fête Champetre.

When Love and Beauty heard the news,
The gay green woods amang, man,
Where gathering flowers and busking bowers
They heard the blackbirds sang, man;
A vow they seal'd it with a kiss
Sir Politicks to fetter,

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