MS: The Highland Journal, August - September, 1787

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MS: The Highland Journal, August - September, 1787

Loch-shown the room where
the beautiful injured Mary Queen
of Scots was born - a pretty good
old Gothic church - the imfamous
stool of repentance standing in
the old Romish way in a lofty
situation. -

What a poor, pimping busi-
ness is a Presbytyrean place
of worship, dirty, narrow and
squalid, stuck in a corner of
old Popish grandeur such as
Linlithgow and much more
Melrose! ceremony & show,
if judiciously thrown in, abso-

lutely necessary for the bulk of
mankind; both in religious &
civil matters - Dine - Go
to my friend Smith's at Avon
printfield - find nobody but
Miller, an agreable, sensible,
modest, good body; as useful but
not so ornamental as Fielding's
Miss Western - not rigidly
polite á la français, but easy,
hospitable & housewifly - An
old lady from Paisley, a Mrs
Lawson, from whom I promise
to call for in Paisley - like old
lady W - & m still more
like Mrs C -. she her con-
versation is pregnant with

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