MS: 'Tibby I hae seen the day'

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MS: 'Tibby I hae seen the day'

The scenes where wretched Fancy roves,
Pursuing past unhappy loves!
Farewel, my Friends! farewel, my Foes!
My love with these, my peace with those!
These bursting tears my heart declare -
Farewel, the bony banks of Aire!

Le Fin. -

A Song.- Tune, Invercald's reel - a strathspey.

Chorus -
Tibby, I hae seen the day
Ye wad na been sae shy;
For lake o' gear ye lightly me,
But fien a hair care I.

Yestreen I met you on the moor,
Ye spakna but gaed by like stoure,
Ye lightly me because I'm poor,
But fien a hair care I.
Tibby, I hae & c.

When coman hame on Sunday last,
Upon the road as I came past,
Ye sneer'd an' gae your head a cast,
But trouth I car'd na by.
Tibby, I hae &c.

I doubt na lass but ye may think,
Because ye hae the name o' clink,
That ye can please me at a wink,
Whene'er ye like to try.
Tibby, I hae &c.

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