MS: 'Literary Scolding - Hints'

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MS: 'Literary Scolding - Hints'

Literary Scolding ---- Hints --

Thou Eunuch of language -- Thou Englishman
who never was south the Tweed -- Thou servile
echo of fashionable barbarisms -- Thou Quack,
vending the nostrums of lingual capriceEmpirical elocutions emetics-- -- Thou
Marriage-maker between vowels and consonants
on the Gretna-green of Caprice -- Thou Cobler,
botching the flimsy socks of bombast Oratory --
Thou Blacksmith, hammering the rivets of
Absurdity -- Thou Butcher, embruing thy hand,
in the bowels of Orthography -- Thou Arch-heretic
ofin Pronunciation -- Thou Pitch-pipe of affected Empha-
sis -- Thou Carpenter, mortoising the aukward joints
of jarring sentences -- Thou squeaking dissonance
of cadence -- Thou Pimp of Gender -- Thou Lyon-
Herald to silly Etemology -- Thou Antipode of all
true Grammar -- Thou excecutioner of Construc-
tion -- Thou brood of the speech-distracting builders of
the tower of Babel -- Thou lingual confusion worse
confounded -- Thou scape-gallows from the land of

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