Highlight Talks

Scots Scriever for the National Library of Scotland and Creative Scotland at RBBM

Dr Michael Dempster,  Scots Scriever for the National Library of Scotland and Creative Scotland, writer of librettos and graphic novels in Scots and campaigner for the recognition, use and normalisation of Scots will deliver a talk at RBBM titled “Transmission of error in Scots song – insights from first language Scots speakers”.

There are many ways to pass on songs to one another: sheet music, hand written lyrics, word of mouth and imitation.  In traditional music we often value oral transmission above all.  Unbeknownst to many singers without an understanding of Scots language and its sounds – and even those who speak it – pronunciation and comprehension errors creep into our repertoire and become the standard versions of songs.

3pm start in the museum building and free to attend.

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