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The Real Burns

"Mair nonsense has been uttered in his name - Than in ony's barrin liberty and Christ."

Hugh Macdiarmid

The Ayrshire ploughman, who rose from humble beginnings to become one of the world’s best known poets, Robert Burns has become an international icon. His national pride, fierce egalitarianism, and quick wit have become synonymous with the Scottish character itself. Yet who was the real Robert Burns? By tracing his footsteps from birth to international superstardom, the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, from the Burns museum itself to Burns Cottage to Brig o’ Doon to Burns Monument, offers you the best opportunity to discover the complex and passionate man behind the icon.



Illustrated map


Click here for an illustrated map of the entire Robert Burns Birthplace Museum site, including not just the Burns museum, but the Burns Monument, Brig o Doon, Burns Cottage, Alloway Auld Kirk and the Poet’s Path.

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Destination guides

Click on these links to download guides for destinations within the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum site.

  Alloway Auld Kirk >>>

  Burns Cottage >>>

  Brig O' Doon >>>

  Poets Path >>>

  The Museum >>>

  Burns Monument >>>


Robert Burns poetry is at the core of his lasting fame and some samples of his earliest, finest and best-known poems can be found here.

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Robert Burns timeline

Burns was born in 1759 and was dead by 1796. This Robert Burns timeline fills in some of the important dates in those 37 years.

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