Primary 2-4

Robert Burns Superstar

Find out what made Robert Burns so famous in this fun and interactive workshop. Pupils learn about the life of Scotland’s most important poet and consolidate their learning by making something special to celebrate Burns.

This workshop uses objects from the collection to inspire creativity and artistic skills.

Curriculum for Excellence:

LIT 1-02a

LIT 1-10a

EXA 0-04a / EXA 1-04a

When Burns was a Bairn

Pupils will explore Burns Cottage in order to find out more about the Bard and his family through the objects they used and the chores that they did. They then have a fun competition to make butter using historical methods.

This session provides an excellent opportunity to bring together teaching history and technology.

Curriculum for Excellence:

SOC 1-02a

SOC 1-04a

SOC 1-18a

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