Primary 5-7

Hot Potatoes

Using reasoning and debating skills, children explore the museum collection to learn about the provocative issues in Burns’s poetry, including politics and religion.

This workshop strengthens public speaking and communication skills.

Curriculum for Excellence:

SOC 2-03a

SOC 1-04a

SOC 2-06a

LIT 2-02a

Being Burns

Using traditional eighteenth century costume, pupils explore the Cottage to understand how Robert Burns became a poetic genius in a time before compulsory education.

This workshop develops Scots language and brings history to life through the use of re-enactment and drama skills.

Curriculum for Excellence:

SOC 2-03a

EXA 2-01a

HWB 2-19a

Sonsie Scrievers

Find out more about how Burns was inspired by his local environment to write poetry by exploring the Cottage using different poetry techniques as we go. By the end of the session, everyone will have a poem that they can be proud of! The next Robert Burns may even be in your class.

This session is ideal for developing literary and creativity skills, using the same inspirations as Burns had.

Curriculum for Excellence:

LIT 2-26a

ENG 2-31a

SOC 2-03a

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