Scots proverb o the week!

Each week (or as often as we can remember!) Rab will be adding a couthy proverb to this page and thus, building up a stock o guid Scots wit in order that you, our gentle readers, can sound infinitely wise at social gatherings!


‘A great rooser wis ne’er a guid rider’.

A great talker is rarely a good performer. He can talk the talk – but can he walk the walk? People who loudly boast of their abilities perhaps do not live up to their boasting.


‘A fou man’s a true man’.
Version in Scots of the Latin ‘In vino veritas’. People with a drink in them speak the truth. The Spanish version of this states ‘Wine wears no breeches’ – with a drink in them people will be apt to say things they wouldn’t say if they were sober!

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