Secondary S1 – S5

Tam o’ Shanter: Rewriting Tam for Today

Experience the story of Tam o’ Shanter through film and then bring the story into the 21st century through dramatic interpretation and analysis of the characters.

This workshop develops dramatic, analytical and creative writing skills.

Curriculum for Excellence:

SOC 2-02B

ENG 2-31a

EXA 3-12a

Hot Potatoes (Advanced)

Students will learn about the provocative issues affecting Burns and how these influenced his thinking, politics and poetry. The session concludes with a lively debate. If you would like us to focus on a specific Burns poem, please let us know at least 6 weeks in advance.

This workshop strengthens analytical, public speaking and communication skills.

Curriculum for Excellence:

SOC 4-02a

SOC 4-04c

LIT 3-06a/LIT 4-06a

Inspired Bard

Pupils will explore the different natural, social and romantic influences which inspired Robert Burns to create his works, facilitated by the setting in which he was born. The session will conclude with the opportunity for pupils to create their own poems.

This workshop will give pupils the opportunity to analyse the various influences on Burns and develop creative writing skills.

Curriculum for Excellence:

ENG 3-31a

ENG 3-27a/ENG 4-27a

SOC 3-05a

Additional Support Needs and Mixed Age Groups

All our workshops can be adapted to fit the needs of any class an ability. They can also be adapted for school groups with a mixed age range.

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