Burns Cottage

You can see where Burns and his family lived, side by side with their farm animals, ate their meals together, read by the fireside’s crackle and where Burns got his earliest schooling.

The walls of the cottage have been artfully daubed with fragments of his verse and a braw selection of Scots words, such as ‘hawkie’ and ‘crambo-jingle.’ Outside is the small farm where Robert tended the crops alongside his father and brother Gilbert.

The Cottage spent a good part of the 19th century as a private residence for rent and an alehouse, before being restored to its former glory by the Alloway Burns Monument Trust in 1881.

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Don’t Miss

The tiny box bed which Robert shared with his three siblings. The kitchen area is brought to life with a spooky rendition of Tam o’Shanter, recreating the atmosphere of the house where Burns first had his imagination fired.

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